AIOU Admissions and Enrollment Schedule Spring Semester 2024

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AIOU Admissions and Enrollment Schedule Spring Semester 2024

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is pleased to announce its admissions and enrollment schedule for the Spring Semester 2024. This comprehensive guide is designed to assist both new and returning students in navigating the enrollment process seamlessly.

Whether you’re taking your first step towards education with Matric and Intermediate programs or advancing towards higher education with BS, MPhil/MS, or PhD degrees, AIOU admission to say, ready to welcome you.

Opportunities for Matric and Intermediate Students

Starting from 15th January 2024, fresh students aspiring to enroll in Matric and Intermediate programs can submit their applications. The deadline for these submissions is set for 20th February 2024. Continuing students for these programs will have their enrollment period commence on 15th February 2024, with a closing date of 27th February 2024. This phase ensures that both new and ongoing students have ample time to secure their spots for the semester. To download the AIOU admission form click here


BS (Face to Face) Program:

The BS (Face to Face) program, designed for fresh students, opens its doors on 15th January 2024. The initial application period ends on 15th February 2024, with an extended deadline available until 26th February 2024. This program offers an interactive learning environment, fostering direct engagement and hands-on experiences.

Advanced Studies: PhD, MPhil/MS, and Continuing Education

For those aiming for the pinnacle of academic achievement, the PhD and MPhil/MS programs for fresh students begin enrollment on 15th January 2024, concluding on 15th February 2024. It’s important to note that these programs are currently closed for this semester, reflecting AIOU’s commitment to maintaining high standards and a focused cohort.

Continuing students in BS (Face to Face), PhD, MPhil/MS, and MSc programs have from 15th January to 22nd February 2024 to enroll. This window provides a pathway for ongoing students to further their academic pursuits without interruption.

Upcoming Admissions: Expanding Horizons

Anticipation builds as AIOU prepares to launch AIOU admissions for BS (ODL), Associate Degrees in Arts/Commerce, Postgraduate Diplomas, B.Ed, and Certificate courses. Set to begin on 1st March 2024, these opportunities are marked as ‘Coming Soon,’ promising a diverse range of programs for new students. Similarly, continuing education in BS (ODL), MA/MSc/M.Ed (ODL), Associate Degrees/BA/B.Com, PGD, B.Ed, and Certificate courses will also commence on the same date, expanding educational prospects for current students.

AIOU Spring Semester Academic Calendar 2024

AIOU’s Spring Semester 2024 stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for students nationwide. With a variety of programs available, from foundational courses to advanced degrees, AIOU continues to uphold its legacy of accessibility, quality education, and student support for AIOU Spring Semester Academic Calendar 2024. Ensure to mark the relevant dates on your calendar and prepare your documents to embark on or continue your educational journey with one of Pakistan’s leading distance learning institutions.

See the table for Aiou admissions and enrollment schedule spring semester 2024 below.

sr.#Program TitleStart DateClosing DateExtended DateStatus
1.Matric / Intermediate (Fresh)IS1” Jan 2024 (Monday)20th February 2024 (Tuesday)Open
2.Matric / Intermediate (Continue)15,h February 2024 (Monday)27th February 2024 (Tuesday)Open
3.BS(Face to Face) (Fresh)15th January 2024 (Monday)15th February 2024 (Thursday)26″‘ February 2024 (Monday)Open
4.PhD, MPhil/MS (Fresh)15,n January 2024 (Monday)15,h February 2024 (Thursday)Closed
5.BS (Face to Face) PhD, M.Phil/MS MSc (Continue)15m January 2024 (Monday)22nd February 2024 (Thursday)Open
6.BS (ODL), Associate Degree (Arts/Commerce) PGD, B.Ed & Certificate courses (Fresh)1st March 2024 (Friday)Coming


7.BS (ODL) MA/MSc/M.Ed (ODL), Associate Degree/BA/B.Com, PGD, B.Ed & Certificate courses (Continue)Is1 March 2024 (Friday)Coming


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