AIOU PDF Spring and Autumn Solved Assignments 2024 Semesters Download

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All AIOU Solved Assignments PDF

If you are a student at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), you have come to the right place! This website is a treasure trove of information, especially for those looking for AIOU PDF Spring & Autumn Solved Assignments free downloads for the year 2024. These assignments are specifically tailored to your course level, so you will find exactly what you need to succeed.

Using these solved assignments can really boost your grades. They are all in an easy-to-read PDF format. Make sure to go through them thoroughly and match them with your own AIOU Solved Assignments 2024

. We have a wide range of solved assignments available for various programs like Matric, FA, I.COM, BA, B.COM, Associate Degree, BS (both 4-year and 2.5-year programs), MA, MSC, MED, BED, and ADE. You can easily download them from our site.

And that is not all! We also have Guess Papers and Past Papers for AIOU. These resources are great for preparing for your exams and getting a better understanding of what to expect. So, do not forget to check those out too to get New 2024 AIOU Solved Assignments free of cost download by Everything here is designed to help you students to succeed in your studies at AIOU.

Wondering what an AIOU Solved Assignment is? It is a set of notes for a subject that students prepare on their own. Once these notes are ready, they are converted into PDF format because that is the format Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) accepts.

AIOU Solved Assignments Download 2024 in PDF

Here’s the great news – you can download these solved assignments for both the spring and autumn sessions at It’s really simple to do:

  1. Visit to the homepage of
  2. Click on ‘Solved Assignments‘.
  3. Find the assignment for your subject.
  4. You’ll find it in PDF format, ready to download, simply click and download PDF formate of any post..

But that’s not all. You might also be wondering how to download these assignments, and then how to submit them. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through it, step by step.

How to download AIOU Solved assignments in PDF format?

To download and submit your AIOU-solved assignments, you will need access to the LMS Aaghi portal at

Here’s what you do:

  1. First, log in with your username and password provided by AIOU.
  2. Select the course or subject you are enrolled in.
  3. Find the option to upload your solved assignment.
  4. Click on it, and yo will be taken to a new page.
  5. Choose the file from your computer – remember, it must be in PDF format.
  6. Upload it, and you are all set!

Just follow these steps, and you will have your assignments downloaded and submitted in no time. It is an easy and efficient way to keep track of your studies at AIOU.

Matric Programme

Book NameDownload
Information Technology BasicsDownload

F.A Programme

Subject NameDownload
Plant ProtectionDownload

BA, BS, B.Ed, BBA & Post Graduate Programmes

BS Program NameDownload
BS Accounting & FinanceDownload
BS EconomicsDownload
BS EnglishDownload
BS Gender & Women StudiesDownload
BS HistoryDownload
BS Islamic StudiesDownload
BS Library & Information SciencesDownload
BS Mass CommunicationDownload
BS Pakistan StudiesDownload
BS SociologyDownload
BS UrduDownload

MA/MSC Program Name

MA/MSC Program NameDownload
MA HistoryDownload
MLIS (Library & Information Science)Download
MA UrduDownload
MA Islamic StudiesDownload
MSC Administrative ScienceDownload
MA Education + MEDDownload
MSC Pakistan StudiesDownload
MSC SociologyDownload
MSC EconomicsDownload
MSC Mass CommunicationDownload
MSC Gender & Women StudiesDownload

FAQs for AIOU Solved Assignments:

Q1. What are AIOU assignments?

AIOU assignments are sets of questions made by tutors. Students need to answer these questions. The assignments are checked by tutors, and the marks you get are added to your final results.

Q2. How can I download AIOU question assignments?

You can download the question assignments from the Allama Iqbal Open University’s official website. For detailed steps on how to do this, please refer to the instructions provided earlier.

Q3. How do I write AIOU assignments?

First, write your AIOU assignment on paper. Once you have written your answers, scan the pages and upload them to the AIOU Portal in PDF format.

Q4. What are AIOU solved assignments?

AIOU solved assignments are the completed answers to your question papers. These answers are available in PDF format. The marks you get in these assignments are important for your overall grade.

Q5. Can I get help with AIOU assignments?

Yes, you can get help! AIOU provides study materials and tutor support for assignments. You can also find additional resources on the AIOU website and in online student forums.

Q6. Are AIOU assignments required for all courses?

Yes, completing assignments is a requirement for all courses at AIOU. These AIOU PDF Spring and Autumn Solved Assignments help you understand your course better and prepare you for exams. Make sure you complete and submit them on time get get good marks in your semesters.