New AIOU Examination Policy 2024 for all Degree Programs

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Dr. Tauqir Ahmad Khan, the head of the AIOU’s Examination Department, has released up-to-date information through his Twitter account and the organization’s official website. Pakistan’s education standards have improved in many ways due to the efforts of the examination department.

New AIOU Examination Policy for all Degree Programs

Within two days of receiving notification, the full exam policy must be posted on AIOU’s website. Every student must be evaluated because a promotion without a final evaluation is impossible. A prospective date has already been set. Whether the examination is physical or mental, you may do better if you are well prepared for examinations.

Allama Iqbal Open University Exams 2024 will be uploaded on with the policy of Allama Iqbal Open University Exams 2024.

AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University Exams Policy 2024

On June 5, semester terminal examination papers will be published on the university’s website ( Students will receive roll number slips through postal services, which will include information about the courses, a deadline for submitting resolved papers to the relevant tutors, and tutor addresses.

The answer keys are also available on the university’s website. If discovered at any time, plagiarised answers will be set to zero and a cheating case will be opened. The semester terminal examination papers will have three questions and students must attempt all of them.

Only 600 to 800 words can be provided in response. If the word count is exceeded, a negative evaluation will be given.

Overview of AIOU’s Examinations Department

The Examinations Department at Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is a critical unit responsible for conducting exams, evaluating answer scripts, and issuing certificates and degrees. Established in 1974, the department is committed to maintaining transparency and efficiency in its operations. It is divided into several sections, each with specific roles and responsibilities.

Conduct and Secrecy Section

This section is responsible for the actual conduct of exams. It prepares data sheets, appoints supervisory staff, and allocates exam centers. The Conduct Section works closely with Regional Officers and the Academic Department. The Secrecy Section, on the other hand, is responsible for the secure handling of question papers and answer scripts. It ensures that all processes related to the exams are carried out with utmost confidentiality.

Result Section

The Result Section is tasked with compiling and announcing results for all programs. It scrutinizes the results according to AIOU and Higher Education Commission (HEC) guidelines. The results are then made available on AIOU’s student CMS Portal. The aiou dmc And aiou examination department are dealed finely.

R&I Section

This section handles various types of applications, such as those for degree issuance and document verification. It also deals with student complaints and queries related to exam results, roll number slips, and other issues.

Certificate, Degree & Verification Section

This section is responsible for issuing transcripts and degrees to students. It coordinates with the National Security Printing Company for the printing of these documents. The Verification Section carries out the verification process for any document issued by the Examinations Department.

Evaluation/Exam Lab/F2F/UMC Section

This section is involved in the centralized evaluation of answer scripts. It also handles unfair means cases (UMC) and collaborates with the Conduct Section for face-to-face education and exams.

Grading Scheme

AIOU has adopted a new grading scheme from the Autumn-2021 semester onwards. The grading is based on the percentage of marks obtained, ranging from ‘A’ with a GPA of 4.0 for 85% and above, to ‘F’ with a GPA of 0.0 for below 50%.

The Examinations Department at AIOU is a multifaceted entity that plays a crucial role in the academic journey of students. With its various sections working in tandem, the department ensures a smooth and transparent examination process, from the conduct of exams to the issuance of degrees.

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